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Women are crazy, but men are Crazier


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While reading the assigned passages one thing really jumped out at me and that is men are not to bright in making decisions when women are invloved. What im saying is that men will do anything for a women they love. Let’s take George Swearingen who was a well liked man with a prominent job as a lawyer as well as a lovely and respectable wife. Now enter Rachel Cunningham a well known prostitue and non intellegent women who somehow swept this man off his feet. (Side note: I fell in love with the author who was writing about this women because through the entire article he was making fun of her and pretty much saying that she was gross). Why in the world would you to through sooooo much trouble for this women when she is not that interesting intellectually….. the answer children is that SHE WAS A PROSTITUTE. Men will do anything for some action including kill there wives and say that they got thrown from a horse when in all reality they killed them because thier mistress was hiding in a house that their wife was going to go into. I feel bad for George’s wife because all she wanted was a nice stable home to raise her daughter in, but all she got in return was an unfaithful husband which led to her death. Women are seen as these can-do-no-wrong people which is not true becasue there are tons of women killers. Women can manipulate a man to DO anything that they want (guess George didn’t get the hint in time). The funniest part of this story is that this women was almost attacked by a mob and thrown out of her house for being with George. George not being very bright saved his damsel in distress only to end up being hung for killingn his wife. So the women who was almost killed a couple of times for being a prostitue endend up getting off scott free while George died.

Video that just proves women are crazy and evil: Women from Michigan tried to hire a hitman to kill her husband..little did she know that it was an under cover cop.



2 Responses to Women are crazy, but men are Crazier

  1. Katie Koth

    Loved how you used this video to highlight your point. It’s interesting how in both readings for this class the women were the ones manipulating the men the whole time. However, maybe the men should have been harder to manipulate. I think there’s error in both genders. Great post!

  2. Demi Fulcher

    I really like that video. I actually watched a show on the second lady. It amazed me how she just busted out in crying, but then again she probably practice a few times. You really would never think that your wife would ever turn on you and hire a hit man to kill you sad but so :(. !!! v

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