Like many children of my generation we have heard stories of frightening serial killers and of course one of them was the imfamous Ted Bundy. I was first exposed to him at the tender age of 5 during Halloween when I curiously asked my uncle “Who is Ted Bundy and why is he buried in our front yard”? Do not be alarmed he wasn’t really buried in our front yard, but his name was carved on a homemade tombstone to decorate our lawn. I continued to learn little details about who he was and what he did as I got older, but nothing too much. This book opened up a new chapter on what Ted Bundy was really like. I mean the man walked this women to her car to make sure she got home safe, he talked people out of commiting suicide, he worked in hospitals for crying out loud. He was a fill in dad to Meg’s daughter and was a intelligent man who got really good grades in college. The thing that kills me is that Ann Rule told a detective to see if Ted had a VW bug that matched the one people were saying “Ted” was trying to get girl into and when it came back that he did…no one did anything except add his name to a long list of 1,000 other “Teds”. This man was just an average looking guy with a high level of intelligence that out smarted the system and that is what he is going to be remmbered for in years to come