After finishing the book I feel that Ann went a bit to far with the deatils becasue she could have finished the book with far less words and still gottent the message across. I also feel that she wrote the book only to be remembered as that one women who was friends with Ted Bundy. Yes she memtioned the victims and how they died, but why not interview there families and write a book about them. While doing some addtional research on Bundy I found out that one of the girls memtioned in the book Katherine Merry Devine who was listed as a Bundy victim was not actually one. When questioned by police he openly admitted to not even hearing about the case or the girl, but he was still blamed for it.  DNA analysis led to the arrest and conviction of William E. Cosden for Devine’s murder in 2002 which proved that Bundy was not the murderer. Another thing that bothered me through this entire book was the hitch hiking aspect of it. A lot of these murderers occured because women were hitch hiking around places and they recently changed a law saying it was legal. The mother of  Katherine Merry Devine actually got a petition with signatures to stop hitch hking because of her daughters savage murder.

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If you want to read more on Katherines real murderer here is a link to the web page