TC: Do you consider killing innocent people a good thing?

RB: Who said they were innocent?

While reading the piece done by Truman Capote on Robert Beausoleil these two lines really stuck out to me. I mean this man did torture and kill and man, but he mades a pretty good arguement. We as humans are always flawed and no matter how much we try to cover it up there is alwasy one or two things that manage to pop through. Whose to say that Gary Hinman was so innocent and that he didn’t deserve to die. We will never be able to get in his shoes to find out if he ever did some horrible. Maybe he was a secret serial killer, or a rapist we wont ever know and the fact that Robert Beausoleil brings it up is a very intersting comment to me,

Also when reading this I found it so incredible that Truman Capote met all these people to died JFK,Sirhan,Lee Harvey Oswald,  Jack Kennedy. He even says during the reading “Out of the five people killed in the Tate house that night, I knew four of them. I’d met Sharon Tate at the Cannes Film Festival. Jay Sebring cut my hair a couple of times. I’d had lunch once in San Francisco with Abigail Folger and her boyfriend, Frykowski.” If I had meet Truman Capote I might have been a little hesitant because it appears that he has the death touch or something.