You know sometimes I forget that the stories we read in class aren’t just stories. They are about real people and go through the deatils that happened to them or about what they did. I think because I read a lot of fiction books that it took me a little longer to realize that Bonnie, Kenyon, Nancy, a Herb were not just characters in some made up crime novel. They were real and we won’t ever know if Nancy and Bobby would have gotten married or if Bonnie would have ever gotten over her depression or even if Kenyon would have ever gone out on a date. The saddest thing in this entire novel was the last few pages when we learn that Susan still visits Nancy and that she still remembers that plans that they made to go to school together and that Bobby got married. I’m not saying that it isn’t good that they moved on with thier lives, but it is just that fact that even now no one will remember them unless they read this book.

I think that what Dick and Perry did was a horrible and the fact that Perry winked just before he was executed just goes to show you that something wasn’t all right upstairs with him. I hated when we learned that Dick wanted to rape Nancy and it gives you a real look into what he was like. He was married twice with kids of his own and had no problem trying to rape a young girl that says to me that he was a very sick person as well. In the end I think that we are driven by the author to look back on the lives of these people and think about why something so horrible could happen to an average ordinary family