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In Cold Blood Part 1


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Well I have to say¬†that the first part of the novel was very well written and easy to follow. The author makes you feel like you were in the Clutter families home when everything went on. You feel like your best friends with Nancy and could sit in her room and talk all night. You feel like you are watching Bonnie sit in her bed reading the bible and alienating herslef from everyone. You can literally take a walk with Mr.Clutter on his property and watch him enjoy his apple and milk for breakfast. I LOVE reading books that make you connect with the characters and take you inside the story and make you feel all the emotions of the characters. The fact that this novel is based on a real life murder just makes me feel sad and frightened¬†because I know that these people were just everyday normal people. I like how the author uses refrences that were used during the time period like when it comes to post pardum depression he used the term “post-natal”.

Portraits of Family Found Murdered

The major thing that really bothered me was that these people who were just your average run of the mill family was just killed and to me it seemed for no reason.


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  1. seth dorman

    I feel the same way that you do. It is incredible how he brings the family back to life with the amount of detail he gives us and I really did feel like that I could have been walking around in their living room with them. And its sad that this family ended the way they did when there was no reason for it.

  2. Bridget

    I completely agree with you that this was easy to read and the author did a great job with putting the reader inside the book and inside the family. However, I think that it also made the book harder to read because you felt like you were in the family and you knew they were going to be killed. It was written very well.

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