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Helter Skelter


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After watching this movie I have to say a job well done to guy who played Charles Manson, because the man made me actually believe that the real Charles Manson broke out of prison for a while and did a movie… Over all for a movie that was made during the 70’s and was a total of three hours (ugh soooooo long)  it was a pretty good watch. I laughed in the very begining because the women who was the maid to Sharon Tate was way over acting will all the screaming. The one thing that really creeped me out was how okay Susan Adkins was with telling all the ladies in cell block D how she slaytered tons of people. S.A: “Yeah I killed Sharon Tate and she begged me to let her have her baby, but I didn’t care”…..other woman: “Yeah well I need to get some sleep Susan talk to you tomorrow…” I would be like I will tell you every detail of the murder just get me out of this place so I don’t get slashed in my sleep.

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  1. Meredith Fierro

    The actor did a wonderful job portraying Charles Manson. The maid at the beginning was hilarious. And Susan Anderson was a weirdo, I believe that she wasn’t under the influence of Manson, she was just a crazy person.

  2. Gloriana

    The actor playing Manson played him very well and even looked a lot like him it creeped me out! The maid definitely over acted her scene but it must have been horrible for the actual housekeeper that found the bodies.

  3. Bridget

    Haha yeah I was laughing at the acting as well. I know it was made in the 70s and we have to expect this in older movies, but sometimes I couldn’t take the movie seriously because of the acting.

  4. Alieh

    I think it was really creepy when Susan was telling her story, but it kinda added to the whole “insane family” thing cuz all of the people under Manson was proud of what they did so it was kinda like a cult.

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