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Execution and what “True” crime really is

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Well because my group is presenting this week we decided to split up the two reading and the one that I was going to do was Execution. I found so much information and video clips that would really add some sparkle to our presentation that I am really excited to present.

I think that there is no such thing as true crime because every person on the planet earth has told a lie or two in their time. I think that as a society we try really hard to uncover the truth behind things because it is human nature to be curious. Out of all the readings we have done their is always a different account of what happened by twenty differnet people. I think that we call it True Crime because it is whatever the author of the story wants us to think happened.

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  1. Jim Groom

    But what about this idea of true? Everyone tells a lie or two, but does that mean there is no truth? How do we understand this cocnept? I think it’s far more complicated than we have let on so far, and I think this idea of “twenty different people” seeing things twenty different ways is an interesting strand of thought here.

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