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Black Dahlia


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When I hear the words “Black Dahlia” the first thing that comes to mind is the horrible murder of a young woman who’s life was cute short and a world famous unsolved murder. While reading this writing I noticed that the author used a blooming flower which is kind of funny because a Dahlia is a type of flower and they bloom in a variety of colors and can even turn a dark purple which looks black. I feel very sad when reading the description of how Elizabeth Short was tied up, given a long gash to create a sickly smile, and then she was cut in half and her blood was drained. While reading this I felt as though the author was trying to make Elizabeth Short see like a bad person by saying she mooched off of people and talked to  a bunch of guys. This reading made me think of countless referneces in movies, tv series, and books about the Black Dahlia and mad e me realize that even though Elizabeth Short never got famous in Hollywood she still will live on forever in history

black_dahlia_posters-r34262404939742f7bb0da4d74881ce69_w2q_8byvr_512A Black Dahlia

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  1. Sara

    That is a great looking flower! It’s true she didn’t get the fame she wanted when alive but did in death. Its like what they said in the clip we watched in class, we will never know how good she was because her life was cut short. Also in regards to how she was portrayed, I’m in the same boat, I think she was given a negative description, but after really thinking about it, all the description was was factual. She was a drifter, she did prostitute herself out, so actually it just makes her more human and gives us the true insight into who Beth was.

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