Naomi Wise and Grace Brown:

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The readings that I decided to focus on was the Grace Brown and Noami Wise murders.

I decided to group these two women together because the way they that they both died was very similar as well as thier living situations before they died. Naomi Wise was pregnant with Jonathon Lewis’s child and was tricked into being led by a river where she was strangled and then tossed in. I found it very sad that she begged this man to spare her life and when he finally confessed to killing her on his death bed he said that all she wanted was to marry him. I found another website that gave a bit more detail into the murder as well as event leading up to it which shed some very interesting light on the situation. Apparently Lewis’s mother tried to make him marry another more wealthy girl byt he name of Hettie Elliott. While he was courting her she asked him if he was seeing Naomi which he told her no that it was just an attend to slander his good name all the while still visiting Naomi. Naomi went to go and get some water from her house and was never seen again which is where the story continues.  Now does this lead people to think he murdered Naomi so he could marry Hettie or did it so he wouldn’t have to deal with the resposiblities of fatherhood… Grace Brown was also a pregnant “girlfiend” of a man who also killed her in a body of water and left her to be found by others. Grace was also promised marriage, but was lied to by Chester and eventually she payed for it in the end. Some people say that Chester was going to  send her to a home where single mother lived but the fact that he used a fake name in the hotel guest name booklet and the fact that he only packed enough clothes for a few days tells me that he was planning on killing her the whole time