Compared to other readings that we have done I actually feel some pity for the killer Alice Mitchell. She was head over heels in love with this girl in a time period where this was not acceptable to want to marry a women. This women was willing to dress up as a man and change her name just to be with Fred because that’s how much she loved her. She was so commited to this girl she sent her an engagment ring and devised a plan to run away with her. This kind of story would pull on the heart strings of any true romantic…. that is until you learn how it all came crashing down. I think that the sister of Fred kind of caused this tragic murder to happen if she had not intervened and allowed her sister to run away she would have still been alive. I believe that if you have anyone who is overly in love with a person and then the relationship doesnt work out they develop what I like to call “If I can’t have you then know one will” syndrome. Alice was driven crazy by the fact that she was never going to live with the one person she loved and it led her to kill. I don’t know if Alice planned on killing Fred that day, but I know that it happened and that she probably regreted it for a long time afterwords…. some things you just can’t forget.

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