Like most people in our class I enjoy a nice crime story filled with drama, action, and of course a helpless victim. I watched the video on how crime is apparently declining and we are living in the most peaceful time since humans have walked the Earth and my opinion on it was that it was…..a bunch of crap. In my book and as well as in the book of many of my classmates crime and violence are two completely different ideas. Violence is something that we as humans are born with and certain people in our society use there own inner violence to create horrible crimes. So when this professor makes a comment like we are living in the most peaceful time that has ever existed i kind of find it hard to believe. Another thing that really bothered me about this video is the way he makes the world now seem so much more civilized now then it was back then. An example of this is when he is talking about how people would make thier children watch hangings as a kind of sport or make people pay to see a public executions. In todays world we still see things like this in places all over the world. People watch as women and men are buried in the middle of a soccer game up to their waists and get stoned to death. This is seen as fair punishment for something so small as looking at another man or showing your ankles in public. This professors opinion is only one of hundreds of peoples so if I was to believe that we are living in the most peaceful time in human exsistance I would have to do more research of my own beyond this video.

The article and the introduction of the True Crime book struck a different cord with me although the author of this book had people who had another opinion other then his own he didn’t come out and say that they were  dead wrong. I think that the book that we will be reading in class is going to be really interesting because it has stories done by important figures like Benjamin Franklin and Abe Lincoln who we might not think as people who enjoy a good horror story. I actually read ahead in this book and found the stories thrilling and interesting. Schechter really emphasized America’s love affair with a good murder and I think that he is absolutely right.

Found this while searching serial killers